BizTalk 2013 Installation Guide

BizTalk 2013 Installation Guide:

Finished BizTalk 2013 installation on Virtual Machine.  Downloaded all required software using Technet Subscription.  Mostly used Sandro Pereira’s installation notes, and it worked like a charm.  BizTalk 2009/2010 ESB Toolkit installation used to give lot of issues and work around.  Microsoft made Esb Toolkit Installation as part of BizTalk 2013 setup, which is really good.

Lesson Learned:

Don’t Edit VM Hard Disk Size after taking Snapshot:

Initially, created the VM with 40GB Hard Drive space as usual, but after installing SQL Server 2012 there is only 6 GB Free Space left in the HDD. Usually not in the habit of taking VM Snapshot but with this install taken few snapshot after every software install. Each snapshot created a .avhd file and maintains it own chain link between each .avhd file. Overlooked those and edited HDD size on VM and expand it to 70 GB from 40 GB. After that VM did not started and poped an error saying

“Microsoft Emulated IDE Controller: Failed to Power on with Error ‘The chain of Virtual hard disks is inaccessible. There was an error opening a virtual hard disk further up the chain.’

Failed to open attachement

This error message is repeated for all the .avhd files.  Tried to get help online and those steps are little bit riskier and thought for few minutes.  Better sense prevailed, instead of doing Research on this error, it is better to delete the VM and create it from scratch.  Wasted one day in the whole process.

Install SQL Server Servie Pack manually downloading them:

As mentioned in the Installation document, went ahead and done Windows update after BizTalk 2013 Installation.  Windows update download completed successfully, but installation proceeded till 50% mark and stopped, waited for 30 minutes.  Examined “View Update History” link, which lists the progress/status of all the updates performed.  Found out from the list that “Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 (KB2674319)” with status failed.  So went ahead and manually installed the Service Pack 1 for SQL Server 2012, then installed manually without any errors.

Stop Printer Spool service, while doing Windows Update: (Don’t have definite theory to back this)

In one of the help article while searching for SQL Server Service Pack issue, suggested to stop “Printer Spool” service, while performing Windows Update. Based on that stopped “Printer Spool”. Then Windows update installation is very fast. Plan to stop “Printer Spool”, whenever performing Windows Update.


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